Fear & Loathing at the Urinal

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The subversion I loved most was the writing.

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And really, my favorite Hunter S. Thompson was the political reporting in The Great Shark Hunt. Anything with him on the campaign trail with Nixon and especially peeing next to him at a urinal. Why did I love Hunter S.

Fear and Loathing at the CES

His was some of the first writing I read that jumped and skittered across the page like a monologue. You read not just the voice, but the intonations of the voice.

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The emphases were never implied, they were always explicit. As a verbal storyteller from a long line of verbal stroytellers I longed to capture that in the written word. And here, Thompson could do it. I wanted to write that way. I became, in my late teens, that worst kind of teeange copycat. I poured out paragraph after paragraph of Thompsonian prose. I was arguing against editing deep into my early twenties. Yet while most of us might not consciously register gaps, we all have an innate knowledge of them.

And just think about the space between musical notes: those brief silences that are so crucial to a melody. About the seemingly huge, terrifying gap we have to lean across to kiss someone for the first time. About the enormous void through which we hurtle if we jump out of a plane, trusting in our parachute as a brake—well, those of us who can, that is.

In fact, a gap-defining moment occurred about million years ago, when early organisms, until then rooted to the seabed, went out to find food. They created a radical gap by severing their connection with their home base. Then these creatures grew nerve cells, some of which helped them to distinguish movement around them and evade predators—the first example of gap processing.

Over the millennia, the nerve cells evolved to become eyes, and as brains grew increasingly sophisticated, dealing with spaces became mostly automatic. With gaps hard-wired into our brains, we can process them without really having to think about it. One of the most intriguing gaps is that 3 pounds of jello-like mass inside our craniums—the brain. As most people know, the brain consists of two halves: a right hemisphere, responsible for spatial navigation and for processing sights, sounds, faces and emotions, and a left hemisphere, responsible for speech, language, numbers and practical skills.

While the right side is associated with fantasy, creativity and risk, the left equips us for an intellectual conversation. So, in addition to the physical gap between the two halves, there is a gap between the contrasting and complementary functions they perform.

What really happened when Hunter S Thompson came to London

At the same time, the brain—being extremely plastic—is able to bridge those functional gaps. Most dramatically, gaps between hemispheres can even be bridged when one half is removed, usually as a last-ditch measure to treat children suffering from violent and drug-resistant seizures. Other abnormalities in the brain can create new gaps, and new gap-solutions. One morning in Boston in , Jill Bolte Taylor woke up with a stabbing pain behind her left eye. On that winter morning, she collapsed in the shower, her right arm paralyzed.

A blood vessel had exploded in the left side of her brain.

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  • It was eight years before Bolte Taylor recovered normal speech and mobility. The damage to her left hemisphere meant she could no longer work as a scientist. In the wake of the stroke, though, thanks to an intensification of activity in her right hemisphere, her sense of color and visual creativity was heightened. She now uses art and music to promote brain research and brain trauma recovery programs—filling a massive treatment gap. Miller has found that as the left brain-linked capabilities of such patients deteriorate, and their ability to communicate diminishes, they suddenly develop new artistic and musical talents.

    His theory is that the left hemisphere, when fully functioning, dominates the right, constraining creativity. And when the left becomes less powerful, through injury or disease, the right fills the gap.

    "The Precision Jack-Hammer Attack": A Hunter S. Thompson Super Bowl Reader

    Perhaps the most fundamental gap of all is the one between our private and public selves—between the person only we properly know, and whom we talk to continually inside our heads—and the persona we project, whether at work or in the company of friends, family, lovers or strangers. He has published extensively and has presented at international and national conferences on more than occasions, including over 60 keynote addresses.

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