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You have read the Third Secret. It was shared with you. Is that correct?

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Martin: Yes, it was given to me to read one morning, early, in February And of course, before I got it I had to a simple oath you always take of maintaining the secret. So the details of it I cannot communicate — I mean, the actual verbiage and expressions.

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Art Bell: If this Third Secret of Fatima were made public, could it be the shock that the public, that the Church, needs? Martin: It could be. And that is one reason why it is not published; why it sunk into a limbo; out of which it is not going to come easily. It would be a shock.

La fine del papato tra S. Malachia e il 3° segreto di Fatima

It would effect people in different ways though, Art. Some people would, on being told this is authentically the Third Secret of Fatima, they would get extremely angry….

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Bergoglio: Jesus Christ “made Himself the Devil”!

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Tsarg di collegamento con nozhkami e eseguito similmente con l'aiuto di due shkantov.