South America & Antarctic Cruise (Packed & Ready! series Book 6)

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  1. Pristine, remote and truly awesome
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Pristine, remote and truly awesome

If you had your heart set on kayaking or winter camping, the last minute deals may no longer have availability for these extra activities or the ship may not offer them at all. My boat could accommodate 96 passengers, other boats can hold up to It took up to an hour to get us to shore sometimes. It could take days or even weeks for the perfect availability. It will dip into the savings you have set aside for an Antarctic cruise. How it works: Travel agencies get the leftover berths from the ship operators 10 days to two weeks before sailing.

The price is set by the operator — there is no room for negotiating a deeper deal I tried. These leftover spaces are offered to people waiting in Ushuaia or Punta Arenas or anyone travelling around Patagonia. The cheapest and most readily available deals are usually in November.

Antarctica Cruises

Then prices peak in high season from Christmas through January departures. January is the highest month of the Antarctic season with hatching penguin chicks, long days and whales arriving from their migration. Waiting is common. February and March are excellent for whale watching and deals are more likely to occur. They are small cities and the tourist centre is easy to get around and ask around to find the deals. Antarctic expedition companies release their last minute prices to travel agents so your best bet is booking with an agent. Book Online: A second option is to reach out to a travel agency through e-mail about their last minute deals.

They will send you a listing of options, dates, prices and voyage itineraries. She travelled out of Punta Arenas by airplane to save time on the two-day crossing over the notorious Drake Passage. This was the best option on the listing based on destinations, boat and price. Most deals were only on twin rooms.

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They generally worked out to be the same price as a triple-share. You have to be prepared to act fast if you get one of these e-mails.

Some Antarctica companies require proof that you have the coverage. Hi Ashley, Its great that you had the experience of the 7th continent.. I wanted to try out the last minute deal.. However I wanted to check about the any fraud agency or travel agents that might cause any issues..

How should we proceed in paying the money to them??? Do we get any confirmation that our bookings are confirmed after we pay? Hi Saran! Thanks for the message. If not, research the third party you would be booking through, read reviews, and try speak with someone over the phone if possible rather than through e-mail. If also possible, pay using your credit card so you have purchase insurance on the trip.

Hey Ashlyn—this was super helpful.

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I really want to see leopard and elephant seals and whales. The trip is in March. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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Hi, your advice really helps, If I am in Ushuia in January 17 , can i get a last minute deals? I want only a classic antartica cruise, and a small ship and four sharing cabin or the cheapest sharing cabin. I will be in Ushuia from Jan 17 to feb 3, do you think that i can get a last minute deals on this three weeks? So awesome you hit all 7 continents! Even half off is still out of my price range but once I can afford that, I will definitely be doing it last minute!

Last-minute is definitely the way to go to help save money on it! I had no idea that cruises would be so discounted! But one day! Wow really useful information. I really want to go to Antartic one day and this has made me think about what options I have available. Your budget will also be a major determining factor.

Destinations are a major factor. Do you want to simply visit the Antarctica Peninsula, or do you want to combine this with a trip to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia island? Remember, the more places you visit, the longer and more expensive your tour will be. Book ahead — many people book 1 — 2 years in advance. Booking early can often reduce the price of your Antarctica cruise slightly. Make sure to choose the right cabin accommodation.

This usually means asking for photos from the tour operator you are speaking to. Consider the activities on your itinerary. In such an amazing environment, the opportunities for sight-seeing and activities are almost endless. Like the Galapagos Islands, the wildlife in Antarctica are incredibly tame and approachable.

Antarctica Cruise from South America - Knowmad Adventures

Tours also often take their clients on small zodiac boats that take people. This is a great way of getting close to seals — including the Leopard Seal!

Seeing icebergs from below is something that few people on earth have seen and is well worth every cold moment! Deception Bay is actually a caldera of a volcano which makes the water warmer in this particular area although still cold! These are fairly specialist activities and you will need to make arrangements with your tour operator well in advance. The packing list for your Antarctica travel includes a number of critical items. Some of these can be rented or bought in Ushuaia before your trip, but there are some very important pieces of gear that we strongly recommend you bring with you to Antarctica.

This detailed Antarctica packing list provides a comprehensive overview on the gear you need as well as recommendations and links to specific gear outfitters.

The Ultimate Expedition to Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia

In our article — Antarctica Travel Insurance — we provide detailed advice on the type of insurance cover you need for your Antarctica cruise. Alternatively, use the calculator below to get a quote from our recommended specialist. Below is an incredibly beautiful video of Antarctica by Galaxiid.

Antarctica Packing List. Things to do in Antarctica. How to get to Antarctica. Antarctica Travel Resources. Tags: Antarctica travel, Antarctica trip, Antarctica guide, Antarctica travel guide, Antarctica cruise, Antarctic cruise, cruise Antarctica References: This site is maintained by a group of passionate Antarctica travellers, all of whom have visited Antarctica many times.

Much of the site is based upon personal experiences which we then cross-reference with secondary sources like travel guides, i.

Discover South America & Antarctica on a Princess Cruise in 2019-2020

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