Watering The Desert: Meditations With Tony De Mello

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Shall I pour out my heart to You, confessing my manifold sins and begging forgiveness, tears streaming down my cheeks? Shall I leave the prints of my knees on the sandy beach, a record of my final prayer in my native land? Shall I then suffer every kind of wound that the sea can inflict? Shall I take my tiny boat across the wide sparkling ocean? O King of the Glorious Heaven, shall I go of my own choice upon the sea?

O Christ, will You help me on the wild waves? Whilst in the Town Centre I was met by an inspiration, it came from a wonderful man who I'm sure wont mind me calling him a Senior Citizen! His name is Don Harris. Subsequently he has written to me including some of his poetry In his letter he says Both Planet and Planet people of the Creator need to breathe together in recovery, to a more creative, not destructive, loving, purposeful and caring lifestyle and motivation to benefit our children and the next generation on its pathway.

A few extracts from one of his poems O yes, for now, there is time; time to float gently in the creator's spirit Merciful time, to recover from mistaken, modern illnesses and fears To look longingly again at God's nature - calling you to return That you may live peacefully - at one with all its seasons And understand a love less passionate, yet so embracing in its touch Besides those trees and hills, those seasoned rivers - walking home again. Then let us move steadily along God's charted waters Let's breathe in again so purely - the oxygen of life refreshed Halting forever, crazy, misguided trips of stretched and useless boundaries Behold now your loving God and his forgiving tears for the eternal path Dare to catch them for him - if he allows you into his holiness Wear white raiments, be part-time angels of healing for the world around us This pathway - for this Coming Back - can you think of anything more beautiful to see right now?

From "Come Back! Its time now" Technorati Tags: Poetry : Spirituality. BTW if you will be at Re:Source next weekend I seem to be having some podcasting issues at the moment The track on it's own is available to download from the Sidebar. I have been thinking about dreams quite a bit recently for several reasons! See how we've been brainwashed?

See how we've been brainwashed into thinking, "How could I be so selfish"? But look at who's being selfish. Imagine somebody saying to YOU, "How could you be so selfish that you'd choose happiness over me"? He opened each conference with the words: "The test of love is sacrifice, and the gauge of love is unselfishness".

Anthony de Mello

That's marvelous! I asked her, "Would you want me to love you at the cost of my happiness"? Isn't that delightful? Wouldn't that be wonderful? We want other things. Or let's put it more accurately: We don't want to be unconditionally happy. I'm ready to be happy provided I have this and that and the other thing. But this is really to say to our friend or to our God or to anyone, "You are my happiness. If I don't get you, I refuse to be happy". It's so important to understand that.

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We cannot imagine being happy without those conditions. That's pretty accurate. We cannot conceive of being happy without them. We've been taught to place our happiness in them. So that's the first thing we need to do if we want to come awake, which is the same thing as saying: if we want to love, if we want freedom, if we want joy and peace and spirituality.

In that sense, spirituality is the most practical thing in the whole wide world. I challenge anyone to think of anything more practical than spirituality as 1 have defined it — not piety, not devotion, not religion, not worship, but spirituality — waking up, waking up! Look at the heartache everywhere, look at the loneliness, look at the fear, the confusion, the conflict in the hearts of people, inner conflict, outer conflict.

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Suppose somebody gave you a way of getting rid of all of that? Suppose somebody gave you a way to stop that tremendous drainage of energy, of health, of emotion that comes from these conflicts and confusion. Would you want that? Suppose somebody showed us a way whereby we would truly love one another, and be at peace, be at love. Can you think of anything more practical than that?

But, instead, you have people thinking that big business is more practical, that politics is more practical, that science is more practical. What's the earthly use of putting a man on the moon when we cannot live on the earth? Nothing is more practical than spirituality. What can the poor psychologist do?

Awareness by Anthony De Mello part 1:9

He can only relieve the pressure. I'm a psychologist myself, and I practice psychotherapy, and I have this great conflict within me when I have to choose sometimes between psychology and spirituality. I wonder if that makes sense to anybody here. It didn't make sense to me for many years. I'll explain. It didn't make sense to me for many years until I suddenly discovered that people have to suffer enough in a relationship so that they get disillusioned with all relationships.

Isn't that a terrible thing to think? They've got to suffer enough in a relationship before they wake up and say, "I'm sick of it!

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There must be a better way of living than depending on another human being". And what was I doing as a psychotherapist? People were coming to me with their relationship problems, with their communication problems, etc. But sometimes, I'm sorry to say, it wasn't, because it kept people asleep. Maybe they should have suffered a little more. Maybe they ought to touch rock bottom and say, "I'm sick of it all. Most people go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist to get relief. I repeat: to get relief. Not to get out of it. There's the story of little Johnny who, they say, was mentally retarded.

But evidently he wasn't, as you'll learn from this story. Johnny goes to modeling class in his school for special children and he gets his piece of putty and he's modeling it. He takes a little lump of putty and goes to a corner of the room and he's playing with it. The teacher comes up to him and says, "Hi, Johnny". And Johnny says, "Hi".

And the teacher says, "What's that you've got in your hand"?

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And Johnny says, "This is a lump of cow dung". The teacher asks, "What are you making out of it"? He says, "I'm making a teacher". The teacher thought, "Little Johnny has regressed". So she calls out to the principal, who was passing by the door at that moment, and says, "Johnny has regressed".

So the principal goes up to Johnny and says, "Hi, son". And the principal says, "What do you have in your hand"? And he says, "A lump of cow dung". And he says, "A principal". The principal thinks that this is a case for the school psychologist.

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He goes up and says, "Hi". And the psychologist says, "I know what you've got in your hand". Johnny says, "Right". Not enough cow dung!

Anthony de Mello - Wikiquote

The poor psychologists, they're doing a good job. They really are. There are times when psychotherapy is a tremendous help, because when you're on the verge of going insane, raving mad, you're about to become either a psychotic or a mystic. That's what the mystic is, the opposite of the lunatic. Do you know one sign that you've woken up? It's when you are asking yourself, "Am I crazy, or are all of them crazy"?